Sunday Night Teas/Presentations

Every Sunday night at the Club House from 6.30pm (Division 1 Home Games) or 7.00pm (Division 1 Away Games).
Our Bar will be open and our kitchen is now up and running with meals available.
Come on down support the club and join in the fun !



Sunday 20 & 27 September 2015
Weigall Oval Urrbrae Terrace Plympton

T-Ball 4-6 years
Machine Pitch 7-9 years
Baseball U11's, U13's, U15's & U17's

For more information Contact Stuart Batchelor 0428 868 172


for the




The Club has been working really hard over the past couple of months preparing for next season. I am pleased to announce the 2015 - 2016 season will be in good hands as we have secured new coaches to the Club.

We would like to welcome Zac Stokes and Ben Catalano to the Club. We are looking forward to seeing the development of our players under their guidance. 

Zac has taken on the Div 1 Assistant coach role. Zac will be there to assist Fricky with trainings, player skill development and on game day. 

Cats re-joins the Club to assist in a coaching role with Div 1 & 2 on Thursday nights to provide more support for player development.

Andrew "Andy" White is returning back to the Club to coach and develop our Division 3 players.

Wednesday nights will see the Club embark on a batting and pitching development program. All coaches will be involved in making this program successful. Craig Harkin will be leading the pitching program and the Club is still looking for a suitable candidate/s to lead the batting program. We will be using this program to continue to develop our pitches and batters to assist them reach their full potential. 

We can also announce the following coaches have been appointed for the 2015/16 season.

  • Div 1 - Ben Frick
  • Div 3 - Andy White
  • Div 4 - Jason Hart
  • Div 5 - Dion Thiele
  • Div 6 - Greg Frick
  • Div 7 - Paul Tucker
  • U17's - Anthony Edwards & Davey Watkins
  • U15's - Davey Watkins & Kieran Cassidy
  • U13's - Jack Wade 
  • U11's - Matt Pace
  • Machine Pitch - Stuart Batchelor
  • T-Ball - Stuart Batchelor
Congratulations and good luck to all the Coaches for the upcoming season. Information on pre-season training will be announced shortly. 

We are still looking for coaches to assist with the following teams: 
  • Div 2
If you are interested in coaching please contact Stuart Batchelor gm@tqcsi.com or 0428 868 172.


Are your contact details up to date ?

If you have moved house, changed your postal address, email address or telephone number in the last 6 months please let us know. Please e-mail your new contact details to us : adelaidebaseballclub@gmail.com


Description: http://www.westtorrens.sa.gov.au/files/c4697dd6-8df9-4941-82d2-a3a300a5288e/Weigall_Oval_Draft_Plan.jpg
OPEN FOR PUBLIC COMMENT                                                                                           



Dear Members,

The results from the public comment were very favorable for the Club. We should have more information on the progression of the Master Plan at the start of the upcoming 2015/16 season.

The Master Plan will enable the both Clubs (Baseball & Soccer) to co-exist during winter and summer with each Club being provided with a full size Baseball Diamond and Soccer Pitch all year round. There is a shared facility for the junior diamond and pitches. The Club House will be a dual facility with both Clubs having access all year round.

Further information is available regarding the plan via this link - Weigall_Oval_draft_master_plan.pdf pdf (6030.37 KB).

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Batchelor 0428 868 172 or gm@tqcsi.com.

Introduction to Baseball
with the "ANGELS"

SEASON 2015/2016

 Do you want to learn how to throw like a pro?
Then the Angels want to help you.
Would you like to hit a home run?
Then the Angels want to show you how.
If you want to learn, then the Angels want to teach you!

For more information please click on the following link:


   or contact Stuart Batchelor Tel. No. 0428 868 172, email: gm@tqcsi.com

Game Day Behaviour

Please consider the following when attending games.
• Accept decisions of all umpires as being fair and called to the best of their ability. They are there to enforce the rules of play but they cannot always be right. Accept bad calls graciously. Abuse of umpires is unacceptable behaviour. If you disagree with a decision, accept it graciously as you cannot change it.
• Always be positive in your support for players. Never ridicule or shout at a player, particularly a young player for making a mistake during competition.
• Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
• Respect your team’s opponents, officials and spectators. Encourage players to obey the rules and to accept decisions of umpires. Often players can get carried away when spectators become enthusiastic or heated over an issue. Always encourage players to obey the rules and do not dispute umpires decisions.
• Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language or harassing players, coaches or officials. Anti social behaviour such as foul or abusive language has no place in baseball.
• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion. Avoid any remarks that could be construed as offensive or discriminatory.
• The consumption of alcohol and smoking is inappropriate on the playing surface, or in proximity of the dugouts at all matches and training sessions.

Social Membership

Want to be an Angels Social Member ? We now have 3 levels of social membership ranging from an affordable $10.00 up to $70.00. Please help out the club and become a social member. We need your help to increase our membership. More details can found via the following link :