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Baseballers were not the first fast feet running on Weigall Oval


$7 million Plympton sporting precinct upgrade gets green light despite  opposition | The AdvertiserThe lush green sporting fields of Weigall Oval build on a sporting history of a different kind. 

The pristine baseball fields now adorn the ground that in 1936, became the Weigall Oval trotting track. A racing venue that was in operation until 2018 and was one of the last suburban tracks in South Australia.

As the years passed and the usage of Weigall Oval's trotting facility decreased, additional sporting codes took up residence on the centre field. This was the era of baseball and football (soccer) where very few would have imagined what was destined for this facility come the 21st century.

Weigall Oval — JPE Design Studio


As acknowledgment to the importance and history of the trotting track, developers applied imagery within the playspace that neighbours the baseball club. Notably, a horse wagon from the 1950s is featured inside a play tunnel.


$7 Million dollar redevelopment



After sharing the centre track for many years, Adelaide Angels Baseball club and our football neighbours, the Adelaide Omonia Cobras Football club, now share the amazing Weigall Oval.

The baseball facility houses two full size, floodlit diamonds, with the 'main diamond' housing two top-grade dugouts and one of the scariest (highest) home-run fences around and a scorer's hut that is the envy of the state.

The show our players put on when they pull on the Red, Gold, and Blue comes from countless hours spent in the batting cages that are named after club legend, Davey Watkins. Two fully illuminated batting lanes are suitably supported by our bullpen, one of the most popular areas for our juniors to come and see their senior grade idols throwing heat.

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