Angels Board

Adelaide Baseball Club Board

Comprising of a diverse group of passionate Adelaide Baseball Club members, the Angel's Board works within the the guidelines of the constitution and meets regularly to ensure the baseball club is in the best position it can be, both on and off the field. Operating as a team, the board brings together extensive amounts of business acumen combining their knowledge and experience with the board wide love for the Adelaide Angels Baseball Club.

Suggestions, feedback, or general discussions from members and public are welcomed and can be presented via email or in-person at games. 

Position Name
President Min Chua
Vice President Denis Ganley
Club Secretary Jo Williams
Treasurer Leanne Smith
Senior Operations Dion Thiele
Junior Coordinator Kat Ganley
Board Member Ashley Keegan
Sponsorship Coordinator Bryce Connelly
Board Member Rebecca Murdoch
Board Member Carly Williams
Board Member Eda Dal-Corobbo
Board Member Davey Watkins
Board Member Megan Deer
Board Member Bridgette Dunn
Board Member Charlotte Weber


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